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Creating a new job. 1

Viewing, Editing & Deleting  Jobs. 1

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Accepting Quotes and Completing jobs. 1

Deleting Jobs. 1

Creating a new job

On the Servo landing page enter your vehicles registration plate number and select FIND CAR.  Servo will then find and display information about your vehicle which will help service providers to prepare quotes.  If you type it in wrong, don’t worry, just select RESET VEHICLE and try again.  


Next select your PREFERRED JOB LOCATION which is your location of convenience i.e., it might be a home or work address, but it helps Servo find service providers which best suit your needs.  If you are posting your job from your location of convenience, then just select Or use my current location and Servo will automatically set your suburb and city.  

Note. Servo only shares your suburb and distance from service providers.  Servo does not share your physical street address.

Next select your SERVICE OPTION and complete the details for your job.  Servo allows you to select the urgency and specify the preference i.e. if you are looking for a WOF while you wait you can select that option.  Provide as much detail as possible and use photos, for example if your car failed a warrant of fitness WOF check becuase of tyres then take a photo of the WOF sheet provided by the workshop and if your unsure of how to read your tyre size then take one of two close up photos of the numbers on your current tyres and upload them to your job.

Finally select Confirm this job and if not already logged on you can logon or if you need to create and account then you can do that quickly. 

Once you have confirmed the job it will appear under you My Jobs page.  You will also receive and email from Servo confirming the new job has been created.

 Viewing, Editing & Deleting  Jobs

 From the home page or user menu  select My Jobs .  You have the options to view the job at which point you can also edit it, there is a Q&A option where you can respond to questions from service providers, and finally you can select to delete the job.


 Viewing Quotes

Servo will email you when a quote is posted for you job.  To view any quotes you must be logged onto Servo.  From the home page or user menu, select My Jobs select the View icon on the job.

Scroll down to Quotes and you select button to view.  This includes the name of the business and their contact details together with a map showing their distance from your preferred location, it will also show the options they have provided and any optional extras (if provided)


You can also select to ignore a quote but pressing the button in the quote header,  if you change your mind simple press again and confirm you wish to un-ignore the quote.  You can also ask the service provider questions via the Q&A section the Q&A is not shared with other service providers quoting the job.

Accepting Quotes and Completing jobs

Open the quote to view.  There is a map displayed showing your location and the service providers location, you can view more details about the service provider by selecting  Service providers can provide multiple options and multiple optional extras.  You can select only one of the main options on offer but you can select multiple optional extras.

Select the option you would like to accept, Select Accept Quote

The successful service provider will be automatically notified that their quote was successful and you should now contact them to arrange a booking.

Once the work is completed you can open the Job and provide feedback and select REVIEW AND MARK JOB COMPLETE

Deleting Jobs

You must be logged onto Servo.  From the home page or user menu, select My Jobs.  Select the Job you wish to delete, select and CONFIRM DELETE JOB