Exhaust Repairs Christchurch



To pass a WoF check your car needs to be equipped with an exhaust system in perfect condition  The role of the exhaust system is to direct the gases generated by engine combustion safely to the outside of the vehicle, reduce noise, as well as pollution.

The exhaust manifold on the engine collects the gases generated by the combustion of the engine and sends them to the particulate filter. The role of this filter is to collect the harmful particles in the gases and eliminate them to the highest extent possible. Then, the gases are sent to the catalytic converter which will, thanks to a chemical reaction, reduce the toxicity of the exhaust gases.

Before being released into the air, the gases pass through the muffler, which reduces the noise generated by the exhaust system. The gas is then discharged to the outside.  These gases are mainly composed of CO2, however, they also contain nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.

Common WoF failure reasons for exhaust systems include manifold gaskets, leaks, corrosion, broken hangers, and noise levels.  Place your exhaust repair requirements on Servo and get quotes from local specialists near you.  For more information Read Servo’s guide on common issues with car exhaust systems